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5 Cute Fall Hairstyles for Your Little Girl

Long gone are the lazy summer days of “pool” hair and ponytails that frizz in 95 degree weather. With a massive mop of curly hair on my own daughter’s heads, I can tell you that we stick with very limited hair fashion during the hotter months.

Now that Fall is here, I’m ready to branch out and try some new hairstyles on my girls. Hair just behaves better in the Fall, don’t you agree?

Here are 5 super cute (and totally simple) hairstyles for your little Fashionistas to try this Fall season. (Click the links for full tutorials on each style)

These adorable doubled braided braids by Hairstyles by Mommy are a great twist on the traditional braid and easy enough that your little one might actually sit still long enough for you to finish them!

double braids


Keeping with the braided style, you could also try this Ballet Bun by Pretty Hair is Fun. It’s especially great for those days when their hair might be a tad unruly… or if your darling daughter just wants to be a ballerina for the day!

ballet bun


Looking for something quick? This Twist Back style, also by Pretty Hair is Fun can be done in minutes and is a great solution for pulling bangs off of the face. Face it, we’ve all taken a leap, cut some bangs and then were clueless on what to do with them. Here is one solution that might help.

short do twist


Want something that looks elegant in no time flat? Or perhaps even something that Dad could pull off? Try the Subtle shows you how mom or dad can do this easy and very classy looking style. It just screams sweater-weather!

bow style


I don’t know about you, but I’m all about getting the hair out of my kiddos faces. It drives me nuts. It drives them nuts. So here’s one solution that will get the hair out of their eyes, but also lets them keep the rest down, which as you know, is SUPER important to being a princess. Check out this Side Pull-Back by Babes in Hairland.

side pull back


Do you have a favorite go-to hairstyle that you can recommend as well? Let me know!


Fashion Faux Pas – Toddler Style

I’ll be the first to admit that my daughters are beyond beautiful. SHOCKER.

I am not, however, in denial that they have commited a few fashion faux pas’ during their time on this Earth.

First, let’s start with their kryptonite. I give you the ever elusive, always slathered on my table tops and floors with complete abandon… drum roll, please…


Which usually ends with…

a black eye and half-a-stache?…

…although I’m pretty sure she was going for this

And then, there is the mixed media. Let’s just say that they are not afraid to think outside of the box, that’s for sure! Natalie decided that warm and sunny yellow was her color this year.

Olivia chose a cooler shade of green. Look at how surprised she was at the affect this lovely pea green had on her skin tone. She is AH-MAZED.

The girls decided it was time to take their fashion skills on the road. After an exciting trip to the fashion capitol – Paris

(even if only made possible by the Rugrats)…

these lovely little ladies were introduced to an entire new world of fashion faux pas. They turned every day items like these folder labels into alternative Botox treatments, as seen here:

And here:

And of course, let us not forget their never-ending interest in clothing and accessories. In the words of Coco Chanel “I don’t DO fashion, I AM fashion”. Words my precious girls live by. They can be thanked for the return of the “Candy Cane-Canes” fashion craze…

And their latest discovery, daring to wear a sports bra on the outside of your clothing and then topping it with a straw hat.

Unfortunately some fashion crazes just didn’t take off like the girls had hoped. They quickly discovered that permanent marker necklaces weren’t quite worth the wrath of an angry mother and so they put that idea away for another time:

And despite the sisters love of all things sparkly and beautiful, when their 7 year old brother was asked for his take on the exciting lives of his little fashionista siblings, he simply stated “Death to Fashion”. He then decided to display his emotions on the subject through his artistic vision… He’s such a little weirdo.

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